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The Nature Book 1957 Collection allows us to travel back in time and touch a piece of the past. Wander the woodlands of Ohio in 1957 while a boy observes birds, writes poetry and collects flowers and foliage to press into pages to create a 150-page nature book for a school assignment. This book was created by my dad. And it was an honor to use the pieces of his past to create my first collection. The nature book has become one of our most treasured family heirlooms.

Every element of the collection has been crafted from the original sixty-five-year-old dried flowers and foliage. It was a painstaking process but worth every precious moment.

I created this collection in two colorways. The first colorway is called Woodlands Heirloom with an organic earthy tone.  While the second colorway is called Woodlands April which represents the month he collected all of the items from the woods. I hope this colorway captures the light in the woodlands as winter gives way to spring.

Dry Flowers

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